hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog!

Being healthy is the basis for a happy and successful life and is becoming more and more important in our world. 

Why another health blog?

There exist thousands of active blogs in Germany that deal with health and wellness. Foodies, fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, doctors and yoga teachers share their knowledge with us.

Mostly healthy people are writing about health and how to stay healthy.

But what can be found on the other side? How are people who had – or are still having – serious ailments, looking for answers in all of these health blogs?

What does really help?

Five years ago, the diagnosis of a serious autoimmune disease drastically changed my life. I was devastated and hospitalized for many weeks.

At some point I was fed up and took my destiny into my own hands. I started researching and became my own chief physician and expert.

The disease changed my way of thinking and made me fight – fight for a new life!

And that is what I am sharing so passionate here with you.

After all, health is the most precious thing we will ever possess, and the right lifestyle is also the key to a happy life – for each one of us!

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