Gut Healing Recipe Kombucha (Scoby)

Strawberry Ginger Kombucha

strawberry ginger kombucha
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Straberry Ginger Kombucha | A GUT HEALING RECIPE



  1. ready fermented kombucha
  2. an empty glass bottle (at least 750 ml)
  3. a handful of fresh strawberries (organic)
  4. frozen strawberries (optional)
  5. a medium or large ginger root (organic)
  6. green tea (as a tea bag or loose)

how to make strawberry ginger kombucha

  1. Brew the green tea with 400 ml of boiling water and let it steep for 3 minutes (longer if you like it stronger). Let the tea cool down. My tip: put it in the fridge while you prepare the rest.strawberry ginger kombucha
  2. Cut the ginger lengthwise into thin slices and place it in the empty glass bottle.erdbeeren_schneiden_Kombucha_herstellen
  3. Slice the fresh strawberries lengthwise and place them in the empty glass bottle too. My insider tip: add a few frozen strawberries, which will give your strawberry ginger Kombucha a super nice red color.
  4. Now put the chilled green tea in the bottle and fill it up with kombucha.
  5. Cover the bottle with a paper towel or kitchen towel and attach it with a rubber band.
  6. Put the healthy lemonade for another day or two in the fridge and enjoy strawberry ginger kombucha with ice cubes and fresh strawberries.


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